Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random muse

With the seasonal drift again 
my endearing essence has got back
I bloom lofty among the green
 in velvet passionate red 
 enough to hold your fascination 
I know it's hard to blink 
once your stare rise at me
You admire my beauty and grace
I admire those thorns to bring me up
Life is the same, full of uncertainties
each moment is a deep secret surprise 
Sweet, bitter, sour or spicy,a reprise 
Live among them as I live in between the thorns
Realities will come by themselves to meet you
to shape the beauty of your life! 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Wisdom Crown

Within the brimming shallow of life
Right from high to low alone I strife 
Like a refrain it sings of joy and plight
As the dark night diffuse off divine light
I've to go along with the course it flows
Harsh winds oppose my way with its blow
Why the flair of joy shroud with gloom mist?
Bubble lived is my cheer it stays in midst  
Soon, it drifts same as an air filled balloon 
 a single touch of sharp pin tear it apart loon
I see, my situation no different from it when compare
Happiness and joy are elusive; they hardly come and stay rare
As much as I long for them they seem a distant journey, far away
I look back to count my smiling days, hidden under its sway
''Life is too long to live and short to waste
Try all its recipe to get different flavors taste''
    Everything runs alternative, has a dual phase 
we've to not only face them but also to chase 
Here the question is how sadness could be defeated?
Let it blase hard, an acceptance would lay it down 
It would happen the day I'll wear the wisdom crown

Sunday, November 03, 2013


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Green park,swings,colorful flowers.
Shashank see a beautiful butterfly, he run to catch and fall down. When he open his eyes, heart sink,completely blank.
What happen, Shashank?? Mum's here, you're safe. She hugs him tightly.
Let me switch on the light.I'll listen you.
In tears, ''Why God wrote my life without light?''

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