Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Dream No More Entombed In Yore

Today I'll begin to live my dream
Which had been entombed in yore
How does it feel to let go
your dreams away from you?
It ain't easy to overcome those
feelings of rattle and lackluster
Those strong bonds all around
of loved ones and closed ones
Intercepted my way to My destiny
Rage and frustration was all that
Enveloped me like a stalk of flower
For me, love is the foremost priority 
How could I make compromises?
That was the point I set myself aloof 
We live our lives and sometimes 
we have to live it for others 
I had my own dreams to live
But I lived of others !
''Everything happens for a reason''
I realized, maybe the time wasn't right
It wasn't mine at all
Their happiness and their belief in me
makes me stronger. And maybe that's 
is the reason, time with its open arms 
Has returned back to me. I feel resurrect
for the decision I made in the past 
because it starved me more to make
 my dreams happen for once and ever last
Today I'll begin to live my dream
Which is no more entombed in yore.

Written for- Write Tribe 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Feelings unknown; unsaid

Feelings unknown I bore
deep in heart with zest 
I want to express them 
but not sure if it's secure
Enough to share with him

We do conversation
about life's sensation 
Love's madly passion 
Unwanted anticipations 
But not THIS! 

I read his eyes, those dreams
And he reads mine, desperate 
to join the flowing stream
Overjoyed I get, to see affection 
In his eyes for me, they speak
I hear and comprehend 
Yet do not Confess! 

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Go with all your heart'

There are a few instances that happen so often
That by the time we conclude the reason behind 
But the conviction doesn't come without a hitch!
Constant hustle between the heart and the mind
Rattle persists greatly along with perplexities 
Whom to listen first? and whom to follow?
Overwrought with strange kind of feelings!
Tingle within, tangled strings and so were decisions

One day serendipity happened, when I read
''Wherever you go, go with all your heart''
I got way to my heart, a sacred place
Far away from chaos, irresolution and uncertainty 
Whatever it says, I follow it intensely with devotion
Since the day I've accepted it as my oversee 
It never ever proved me wrong or feel regret
I listen my intuitions, for they spread love for everyone! 

Saturday, March 01, 2014


Life isn't a showcase to unveil it to others and to everyone
It should be yours with all its bag of secrets open
 for none but only for the conquer majesty,  You!

For this, I divulged myself behind the veil being someone else
who is not fragile to go down swinging and wrath of beckon 
Everything is artificial and nothing is real before the world

In the world's mirror am completely a different soul
whose charm of prodigy cannot be ever diminished
They recognize me but I ... 

This doesn't manifest me as a follower of dual persona
I asked 'them' for a space to let me breath and cast off my sighs!
They, the masters of impersonate pretended as ever
And thrashed me to shroud myself with deceit 

But for how long?
It's a disguise in pleasure which is nothing to me
but for the sake of others

Away from the so called mirror of the fake world 
when I look at myself , the real me
It throbs me in anguish