Monday, September 09, 2013

My Teachers, my God

I remember of the day when my mother told me
There is a God
Who has solutions to all my odds
He is the former of this world 
nothing can go wrong or down to curled
He is always there to preach me with blessings
His spiritual guidance of painstaking 

A divine light of knowledge and wisdom he throw 
she told, he will bless me with as I grow
Out of curiosity I asked, where does the God stagger?
Where does he live? any evidences? 
How to believe?

When she was getting me ready 
I, excited and steady
It was to be my first day in school
an unknown place and I mere a fool
Ma told me it's the place where God dwell
finally it was the time to get my all answers well

I found different God in the temple of knowledge
they punished me for my impish obstinate acts
corrected when I did mistakes
Inspired me when I was all deceived 
He stood beside me and perceived

A lonely stage of despair
Thousands of mocking laughter in air
he told me to be strong
never to choose the path that seems easy but belongs to wrong
he wrapped my inner soul with divinity 
blessed my heart with generosity 
and mind with sincerity 

The day came when my own child asked
out of curiosity where does the God stagger?
Where does he live? any evidences? 
How to believe?

I smiled and cherished that moment
to remember when I asked the same to my mother
My child, he is there to guide you 
and bless you ample of wisdom and vow
 He is your teacher, your God
respect the knowledge he give you
it would help you in life, best among all the swords
Moment of honor with the current President of Sahitya Academy, Dr. Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari
Priceless moments with Madam Kirti
This poem is dedicated my respected teachers who helped me to overcome the tough situations in life, made me strong to accept challenges and win over and still there to bring the best out of me :-)
Feel Blessed!

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Review: ''Kaleidoscope -- Different Strokes for Different Folks''

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Parlance Publishers
Edition: May 2013
Language: English
ISBN- 978-93-83023-01-1

A Spring Tide Initiative ''Kaleidoscope - Different Strokes for Different Folks'' is a magnificent collection of 25 spellbinding stories. Collection of 25 different emotes, conviction and of course comprise ideas of 25 amazing writers altogether. Sounds Interesting. No??
Commence with this thoughtful quote-
''It is something to wonder how people love God, 
and hate one another''

The main intention of Kaleidoscope is to introduce and represent a comprehensive and different texture of writings compile together for the readers. Each of its tale speaks on completely contrary subjects and ideologies. Beautifully endowed with romantic, humorous, comical, filmy, inspirational and witty hues of plot and dialogues.

There will be many incidences that while reading them you would find yourself as a protagonist. The touching story lines would take you to a memory lane. They have been written in a simple language yet engross you to go through. Leave you to ponder and wonder at the same time. The attractive title and soothing cover page of this book will entice your sight at once to grab it!

Besides that there is an interesting thing you will find, before each story there is an introduction page and a photograph of beautiful butterflies(writers) constitute Kaleidoscope. You can get to know about them, connect with them and get inspire.
 Stories which I personally liked are :

''The star that shines on me'' by Parul Tyagi

''The Last Date'' by Saravana Kumar Murugan
''The Journey of my life'' by Shishir Dhingra
''Secret of the murderous woods'' by Sanhita Baruah

Since each of its story has been written by a different writer so at no point you would feel the read getting monotonous. Each of it has a different expression and approach to put their ideas before the readers. So if you are aspiring to read multi-genre of stories I would suggest ''Kaleidoscope - Different Strokes for Different Folks'' to be the best book to go for.