Friday, February 18, 2011

Thinking OF You

Thinking of you ; I smiled,
Thinking of you; I cried,
Thinking of you made me dreamy,
Thinking of you made me dreary,
I asked myself why this is so?
My heart insisted and replied!
It's because as much as I cared for you as the same I feared of loosing you!!
I told my heart that their is only one about whom I think day and night ;
And that's my love,
Not even the segment of my life ,
It's when I found you near to me; I cherish,
And when I found you far ;
I found my world perish!
Your presence made my life mirthful,
Your presence made my life beautiful,
Sometimes my heart depressed without you..
And my heart said ;
I am incomplete without you!
Your absence made my life worthless,
Whenever I found myself alone,
Your words comes into my mind like a beautiful tone,
Whenever I close my eyes your dreams and thoughts made me realize,
That their is nothing to cheer without you in my life!