Monday, December 30, 2013

The Meet: Part 2

The next day, Shashwat is too excited to see Shagun whose dark brown wide eyes hypnotized him completely. From within he is dying to meet her and talk to her but he is conscious not to express that in front of his family members. As I had said before he is too filmy!

His mother enters into the room. Shashwat, aren’t you ready yet?
 I am ready Ma. He stares at her with a confused glimpse.
Really? It doesn't seem so beta. It looks like you've been severely ill that you didn't get a chance to shave. ‘’Unshaven is Unbathed’’
Maybe without knowing your response she would say a NO to you.
Shashwat tremble with the much thought.
 It would be his insult if the girl would reject him.  Ishq ka to doosra naam hi hota hai tyaag (another name of love is sacrifice).

Shashwat along with his family reach to their destiny i.e., Shagun’s home. A small yet beautifully erected building. They make a grand welcome to Shashwat’s family. Finally the most awaiting moment come, Shagun, the beautiful girl dressed in a graceful pink color saree with light jewelry. Everyone’s eyes rest at her attractive appearance.
He had almost lost his control when she smiled at him. They had been sent to an isolated place so that they can freely talk and could make their decision.

 Within a short while their conversation got smoother and friendly.
Do you always look smart or it’s just today?
I like you! She said with a blush.
My clean shaven look bowled her. Yes! Yes! Yes! He said to himself.
I like you too!

 The next part is yet to come :-)
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Meet : Part 1

After earning his M tech degree and securing the post of a senior manager in the topmost IT Company within a short period of time Shashwat proved his excellence and capabilities to everyone including the ones who tried deceiving him for the competition’s sake. Few people are always there to halt your progress but then, a pinch of negligence and an inch of self believe makes you standstill.
As far as life is concerned, he had been positive, practical minded and serious towards his goal but when it comes to another part of him, he is not that. A fun- loving, adventurous guy who believes in following his heart and yes he is too filmy!!
Beta, look at these photographs Munshi ji has brought selected proposal this time. You will surely like.
Not again Maa!!
All of sudden his attention gets attract towards one of the photographs in his mother’s hand. He snatches that readily. 3 minutes had passed since he was smiling and staring at the girl in the photograph.
Maa, who is she?
She is Shagun. A very traditional girl who belongs to reputed family. She is pursuing her master degree from the South Mumbai. I think she will be perfect match for you. She said observing Shashwat’s interest.

Hmmm, will decide that after our meet. Said he with a thought. 

Lets see what's all gonna happen before and after their meet and surly ''the meet''

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Out of boundaries; the free bird

Image credits- Ermisenda
Within the enclosure pinfold I perch on the channels of restrictions. Am drifted with the blow of plight, far beyond submissive endure far away from my destine that I dreamed of! I listen the tick tock, slipping away smoothly.I restraint myself. Despite of the gloom there is a hope that shines I'll soar high, out of boundaries; the free bird

 ''Everything is possible need is you tend to make it so''. 

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Love is you, Love is in the air

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On that bright day every corner was enshroud with amber gleam sheath under the the cloudless sapphire sky, scorching heat that reminds you of  'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. Everything was dull and dry. On such a searing day nobody could imagine even a blow of wind for split second  but Shanaya, a strong instinct believer already predicted , there would be rains shortly. 
No one cared! She quickly went into her kitchen to prepare a mug of coffee and some cookies for herself. Her younger brother started teasing her for her dippy act.
Hot coffee on a hot day!
Didi, have you got crazy? 

She wasn't paying attention towards him. She was calm,lost in the other world. Busy in blending cocoa and sugar. Again her brother in a teasing tone, Watching stars in day time?He pinched her tender pinkish skin. Who is he??
She came back to reality and smiled to herself and all of sudden got strict and serious when noticed her brother glaring at her in confusion.
Don't engage yourself among this and that, Prithvi, I tell you. Your exams are near go and study otherwise I'll tell papa, you sneak out secretly to play cricket in early morning.
Sorry didi, you are the greatest. Please forgive this poor child. She stared at him aggressively.
Am leaving di .... am leavin...
Within no time the sky was covered with dark heavy clouds. The yellow sphere welcomed them by giving them space to settle there. Cold harsh winds were blowing hard along with thunderstorm. Shanaya's prediction was again right!

 She believed '' things you truly love, you get attached to them deeply, sincerely, completely and then, distance or connection doesn't matter''
She entered into a dark room with a mug of coffee and cookies. Settled herself before the wide open window and played the radio set in a low volume. For her, it was a perfect delight. Also she was a passionate classical dancer. She opened her drawer to find gold anklets . Her mobile phone vibrated  and her favorite name was flashed on the screen, Rohan!
Her heartbeats were ranged high in excitement. It read as,
 '' My love Shanaya, I love our love dance in the loving rains. Am coming at our favorite spot within 3 minutes. Lets see who's more passionate''.
Shanaya quickly ran, she wanted to be there before him. Both of them reached together from opposite directions. Shanaya hugged Rohan tightly. Their heartbeats were fast and clearly audible to each other. Warmth of touch was pleasing among those chill raindrops.He held her more closer and murmured softly in her ear
 ''Love is in the air, feel it...let it touch you. You know, it touches you after touching me and ultimately my touch over you''
Am living the best moments of my life, Rohan. 
Rain was over. Everything looked fresh and washed. The sun again appeared but this time with light warmth to set down with ignition of Shanaya and Rohan's love.

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Image - Love in the air by Anand
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