Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Interview: Olivier Lafont


Simran: Firstly, congratulations on the grand success of your book ‘’Sweet Revenge’’. Tell us a little about yourself.
Olivier Lafont: Thank you! As for me, I’m a French author and actor. I consider myself a storyteller first and foremost, and acting and writing as different facets of that. I’ve loved stories from as far back as I can remember, reading and watching them, writing them. That’s been the most constant impulse of my life. I talk about my life and passion in terms of constancy because I’ve lived in several different countries, and experienced different cultures up close. So I write from an inherently multicultural experience, and it’s been quite interesting forming my own identity and individual culture and translating that into my stories.

Simran: We know that you are one awesome writer. Tell us about your book Sweet Revenge, what it means to you, and how did you conceive the idea ? How long did it take to write this book?
Olivier Lafont: Thanks again! ‘Sweet Revenge’ is a contemporary romance novel, a classic story of lovers torn apart and brought back together by destiny years later. I actually wrote the book as a bit of a lark, for my wife. So it has that ‘sentimental’ value, as something I did for her. It was a really interesting experience as well, writing with that form and structure. I always like having some romance in the books I write, but having the entire book focused on romance was an interesting experiment. Making the hero French was clearly inspired by my own origin, and the American aspects were inspired by my American influences. All told the book must have taken about a month to write.

Simran: What was your learning from writing your book?
Olivier Lafont: That romance is quite fun to write!

Simran: When do you write the most? Is there a favorite place at your home or office where you write the most? Any props that you feel lucky to keep with you when writing?
Olivier Lafont: When I’m in a writing phase I try to be consistent with my writing sessions. I usually write in the day. I have created a completely comfortable environment in my house, one where everything I need is immediately at hand so that there are minimum distractions. I don’t believe in lucky charms, but I like having my wife in the room somewhere, so maybe she is my lucky charm.

Simran: We would be happy to know about any future projects that you are currently working on?”
Olivier Lafont: I’m giving some thought to a sequel for ‘Warrior’. I also have a new Young Adult novel for which I’m looking for the right publisher.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Before it's too late!

 Break the bond that holds you back
Write your story afresh on a slate
Of the dreams you have seen
Before it's too late!

Fly high as if it's now or never
Just for this one moment
Believe you can conquer it all
Rescue life from a repent
Before it's too late!

Say it all that you have kept in heart
Coveted, as your biggest secret
Pain flows out when shared
Don't let sorrows become a threat
Before it's too late!

Written for A Week for Writing for a Picture Prompt

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Chocolate love!

Photo credits: Author of  My Friendship
There are certain temptations 
that you seek in every time and everywhere
enough to get you along the track
no matter how bad you wrote in exams
no matter how low you felt after a rejection
no matter how pissed off you are after a day's work
As soon as that craving is fulfilled 
That moment becomes a paradise
when the chocolate caramel 
melts helplessly in my mouth
the sheer pleasure comes out as
Yum! Ummm! Yum

Written for Daily Prompts for the topic, Pour Some Sugar on Me

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Friday Fiction

55- fiction refers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 55 words.
The theme for 55-Fiction Friday is Rain. Participate here 

Saturday, December 05, 2015

And... I'm back!

As promised here I am after a long vacation, away from my dearest space; my blog. Are you curious what's that kept me so busy? So, read further. This year has been terribly busy from academic perspective. Soon after board exams I applied and appeared for entrance exams, long wait for the results and then brain-storming for making a decision. I couldn't concentrate on anything and so I started my goodreads challenge. One book a day, and which I religiously followed for almost 15 days. I discovered my love for reading, photography, arts and crafts. I am happy that I utilized my time in some constructive work rather than getting lost in boredom. Then came my results. Some negative and some positive. ''Clearing BHU entrance isn't easy. You are very lucky to get admission in a first attempt''. I was surprised equally as I hadn't prepared anything extra. Then things changed dramatically. So rapid that I myself was confused. Everything was done. The admission was taken and the fee was paid but there was no more hostel rooms left. I was told to look for a  PG which my parents totally denied as they found, it wasn't safe for me to stay and more likely I myself didn't like that atmosphere. Then, with lost hope I applied for a Hero Group University( BML Munjal University) for a management course. Management? Hahah I hadn't ever thought of it either. And that's how fate plays the game at the most unexpected hour. I got selected. It came as a surprise to me. Being a science student, BBA was something out of league for me. But, that's what was meant fortunately or unfortunately I do not know.
BML Munjal University

I was happy to start a new life where everyone and everything will be new. The first glimpse of my college and I was like WOW!! Totally speechless. Our seniors were ready to do a warm welcome. The best part was, our university had planned a week orientation program which consisted of guest lectures, interaction with faculty, ambassador's night, music concerts, leadership talk and talent hunt for freshers. A full week was given to us to explore every corner, make new friends and adjust ourselves to the routine. Then, first day of class and I must say, there is no day till date I felt bunking classes. We have interactive sessions. Thanks to our professors for being friendly and welcoming as ever to our ideas positively.
Sufi Gospel Project, the famous Sitar player Pt. Prateek Choudhari, Master chef contest ( my team came second)
The campus life is so happening that I can go on writing about it (may be in future posts). Time flies here like anything. In between this new venture, new course, assignment, presentations, quizzes and semester I missed out this place. It was quite challenging for me on an emotional note for leaving home and staying far away from family for the first time. I didn't want to fill this place with negative thoughts so stayed quite for time being.

''Time is a great teacher''. It taught me to live on my own, to be more responsible, to adjust, to mold myself according to situation. From now onward, I will be regular because you live where your heart is :)